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  1. Thank you Maurice, Is the Android in the form of a Kindle Fire ok on the new premium multi-device plan? Am I able to get a credit for the devices that won’t work? If so, how? have a nice day, PT p.s. Thanks for the links.
  2. Hello, June 2019 - great news - Malwarebytes finally offered a way to have 1 subscription for all my devices rather than having to have 3 individual subscriptions. My devices are Windows PC, Android tablet and iPhone. So I bought this new subscription (before my other subscriptions expired) and activated it on my PC without hassle. Where I have questions is on iOS and Android. Do I need to uninstall the previous MWB app from iPhone and Android and then install a new MWB app before I can activate my newly purchased License Key on those devices? On another blog I read that I still
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