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  1. Yeah, and i want to mix this two ports together and play my voice so my interlocutor would think i say those things. I use win 10 64 bits, intel core i5-4590, gtx 1060, 16 gb ram.
  2. I use audacity to create mp3 file with my introduction and such. But i don't know how to play it and it has to go through microphone line (otherwise programe that i use won't play it).
  3. Hey guys I need your help. I'm looking for a programme that allow to play records (that i make) through microphone line. I work as a pollster at home, on my private computer (with Windows 10). And as it happens on this job, people quite rarely agree for an interview so most of the time i repeat the same introduction and this kills my throat. So I would like to record some of the lines I say and play it. But I can't use any binds, because the programme that I use to do interviews doesn't allow me to basically do anything. So I need a programme that could play the records through microphone line, so my programme would think that I am saying it and allow it to play to my interviews. I have tried to use a programme called Resanance, but I had one big problem with it. I could only play records or only speak with my interviews. I can't do both at the same time, and I don't know why. Maybe it's my fault, but I think I've tried every possible combinations with my settings and it didn't work. So maybe you guys could help me find the right programme? It can be paid. If you need more details please tell me.
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