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  1. Everything is going well. No more issues.
  2. Thanks for the follow up. I ran the scan (report attached) and it deleted a couple of PUP files. ADWCleaner Clean 2019.08.10.txt
  3. I'm having a hard time as you can tell. Are these the files you are looking for? Addition_05-08-2019 20.04.30.txt FRST_05-08-2019 20.04.30.txt
  4. If I can add to the reason I'm confused on what to do, you say to make sure the addition option is checked, attached is what I see when the program is loaded and all I can do is Scan. When I scan, the files don't show up where I can easily find them.
  5. So...I've attempted the processes you describe. They aren't exactly as you mention but I think I was ok until the "make sure the addition option is checked". Also, I don't have a "screen below" to refer to. I clicked the scan button but there were at least 10 boxes checked. When it completed, I clicked ok and closed the notepad and didn't find anything on my desktop. I'm losing confidence in your processes and systems because EVERY time I attempt to login to the malwarebytes forum I'm told my ID or PW is incorrect and I have to change my password. This doesn't instill a lot of confidence in your systems. Especially after ALL the warnings I get about loading your software. But I guess it's too late for that because whatever you wanted loaded has been loaded.
  6. So, it turns out that my removing Yahoo as a search engine didn't solve the problem for long. I found another post that has a solution that is working for now. It appears that Searchstab.com is causing the problem. I don't know what that is or if its malware or how it got added to my search engine. This page...https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2765944?p=ui_software_removal_tool&rd=2&visit_id=636990051096122904-938401422 discusses removing malware but then walks through resetting Chrome settings. This worked for me, at least for now. If this comes up again, this information might be helpful but I'm not sure if its a malware problem or what.
  7. Thank you for the follow up. I may have found the issue. I went into Chrome and removed Yahoo from the search engines options and this seems to have stopped the issue. If it reappears, I'll complete the tasks above and send the information.
  8. An update on the issue.... This only happens with Chrome. If I click the link in search results in Edge, it opens directly to the info. However, one of the issues I have with Edge is that I can't set the search results to open in a new tab. Therefore, I don't like to use Edge. But with this issue, Chrome is the same as Edge because I have to manipulate a couple of things to get it to open in a new tab in Chrome.
  9. I have a brand new Yoga laptop. I set it up with my standard softward (Adobe, MS Office, etc). I set Google chrome as my default browser and search engine. I even downloaded Malwarebytes right off the bat and ran a scan just for the fun of it. Nothing was found. When I open Google Chrome, perform a search and click on a search result link, a new chrome browser window opens with the Yahoo search results. IF, instead of clicking on the google chrome search results directly, I right click on the link and "open link in new tab" it doesn't open up the Yahoo search results. I've re-ran Malwarebytes and nothing is found but I can't find a way to prevent this from happening. Any thoughts on what I need to do? Lenovo Yoga C930, Windows 10 verson 1809, Google Chrome version 76.0.xxxxx.
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