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  1. OMG it wont even let me do a system refresh or restore! It closes the window down instantly! WTH?
  2. Wow this one is nasty and Malwarebytes can't even see it at all. Tachyon Internet Security 5.0 got installed on my computer and it is proving to be very hard to get rid of. I see some websites show pictures of Malwarebytes getting rid of it, but this one isn't seen by malwarebytes at all. I tried safe mode and stopping services and this and that but it won't allow deletion or stopping anything while it runs. There were other things malwarebytes missed. I know it cant fix everything, but it is the best by far that I have ever used. Unfortunately it was not installed BEFORE I got this nasty thing.A program called LASKY.EXE, DARTED.EXE and one called WHATSOEVER? Maybe they are too new for anyone to have seen, so I will need to refresh the computer I guess. Just today I have seen this same file on other forums giving massive headaches to others with nothing working to fix it. I searched the forum here and was surprised to not see any results for "tachyon"
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