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  1. Is there a way to create a custom website [BLOCKING] rule that will block certain websites so that they cannot be accessed. I know you have your default blocking that occurs based on the websites reputation, however what if we'd like to create a custom block. Thanks, tdoubleu
  2. I have a system that currently has the below Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent and Malwarebytes version build. Is there a way to update the above to the current version I have on my system: using the cloud.malwarebytes web management console? If there is not a way in the console, how do I go about updating the versions via script or deployment tool without creating duplicates? Thanks in Advance.
  3. Andrew is there a way to modify the Agent Check in time to lets say every hour or hour and a half? Are there custom installation switches that can be used for future installs to customize check in times? Thanks... oh and reporting plugin is awesome 😎 needs to be implemented in the cloud app...
  4. AndrewPP 😎 You are the real MVP! πŸ†
  5. I Had a question regarding inventory scans. Is it safe to say that an inventory scan is nothing more than a "Agent-to-server Communication interval" or "Server-to-agent communication interval," which thus gives us a current "last seen" or "last communication time" to the cloud.malwarebytes management console. I am under the belief that this is why some of my reporting appears off in regards to when a system was last communicated to and or scanned... Or does it scan "in" new systems to be added to our managed endpoint list. Thanks in Advance. πŸ™
  6. Sure no problem, reporting like the following and these are examples: all windows 7 systems only with an outdated "update version" [same would apply for win 10, mac OS and etc] all windows 10 systems with detection's blocked today @ a specific time. [same would apply for win 10, mac OS and etc and would apply to malware, pup, ransomware and etc] all detection's not cleaned pending a reboot. being able to export from the "Manage Endpoints" and the "Detections" section all windows 10 systems that have not communicated in 1 hour. Actually being able to specify by min and hourly would be great. [the key here is being able to export directly from the current view] instead of going to reports and creating and generating. It would also be nice to be able to schedule a task that would run the report at a specified time during the day of your choice. As it stands now we run at current time export csv and pivot data in excel and try to make it work.
  7. Are there any plans for any detailed reporting features being added to cloud.malwarebytes.com. It would be nice to build out queries as I was able to do so with one of your competitors... COUGHS LOUD 😝"McAfee ePO" πŸ™and pull data back as needed for reporting to my CISO and Upper management. As it stands now my only data extraction is creating 1 of your six canned reports: Assets, Detection, Endpoints, Events, Quarantine, and Tasks summary. The only thing custom is being able to add date ranges.... thanks in advance... the reporting NINJA
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