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  1. It did not detect a thing. thank you very much for all of your help!!!
  2. Okay im sorry. But i finished the cleanup and i think im rid of Segurazo. Thank god! AdwCleaner[C01].txt
  3. Segurazo is the reason my computer is all bogged down and slow and has been giving me problems isn't it? Maybe it isn't a virus but just a bunch of shitty adware?
  4. Its been 12 minutes and it says 7 items quarentined but hasnt moved in awhile. Its alittle under a 3rd of the way done. Should i just be patiant with it?
  5. Btw i turned windows defender back on. I forgot i turned it off before. Probably why i have a sick pc. :/
  6. Sorry it took so long to reply maurice!!! mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hey guys! I just downloaded MB and am running a scan. It found over 400 threats and ive been getting alot of malware on my pc like chromium and those "AntiVirus" programs with false positives. Im really spooked and almost just said screw it and reinstall windows but i was patiant and am working it out. Now the scan is ALMOST complete but the heuristics analysis is having trouble finishing up it seems. Its been running the entire scane for about 2 hours now. What should i do and if the scan finishes completely is that all i should worry about? Can i go back to gaming? Any tips or tricks wo
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