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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm almost done with your instructions above just on quick question. When I get an blocked outbound notification from MB, does this mean I have some maleware somewhere on my computer system that is requesting to take me to another bad website ? Or is it a link or ad I clicked on and that is what is requesting my browser to go to bad website ? 

    Just so I understand 

    If it's something on my computer or if it could be just a link or website I visited that was trying to get an outbound connection to a bad website / IP 


    Ok also as you requested I just finished all the steps above and created a system restore point 

    So far I've tested the browser and I did not see any popups yet. And MB did not find anything bougus.. but it didn't find anything bougus even after I had all those outbound connections blocked, 

    So that is why I asked about what does outbound connection blocked mean if it was something in my computer or just a link being block ? 

    Thanks again for all your help in advance 

  2. hi I was browsing on google yesterday 7-31-19 search click on a link and got outbould connection blocked, the even clicking on my home nutton which is set to google on chrome i got another so i did MB scan nothing I install adware nothing I cleared cache woth cccleaner and it seemed fine then I went to google again today looking for online converter for a video i created with windows expressions i clicked on  link and started to get the outbound connection blocked again I have a few examples i exported from MB


    what is wrong do I have a hacker on my computer and can you assist me to remove and fix this

    outboundblock.txt outboundblock2.txt outboundblock3.txt outboundblock4.txt outboundblock5.txt

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