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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I'm almost done with your instructions above just on quick question. When I get an blocked outbound notification from MB, does this mean I have some maleware somewhere on my computer system that is requesting to take me to another bad website ? Or is it a link or ad I clicked on and that is what is requesting my browser to go to bad website ? Just so I understand If it's something on my computer or if it could be just a link or website I visited that was trying to get an outbound connection to a bad website / IP Thanks Ok also as you requ
  2. PS I have also enabled - via tensforum link - the system below now. ==================== Restore Points ========================= ATTENTION: System Restore is disabled (Total:117.91 GB) (Free:47.75 GB) (40%)
  3. here are the files sorry for delay and thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt mb.txt
  4. Going to upload the files from MB logs and the addition and other files you need within the next 20 mins if not less sorry I just read your forum rules
  5. PS I want to Thanks in advance for any help you can assist with spiro
  6. hi I was browsing on google yesterday 7-31-19 search click on a link and got outbould connection blocked, the even clicking on my home nutton which is set to google on chrome i got another so i did MB scan nothing I install adware nothing I cleared cache woth cccleaner and it seemed fine then I went to google again today looking for online converter for a video i created with windows expressions i clicked on link and started to get the outbound connection blocked again I have a few examples i exported from MB what is wrong do I have a hacker on my computer and can you assist me to
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