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  1. Awesome. Is there anything I can do to prevent false positives in the future? It is not just your service that is detecting my site as malicious. I've had to make requests to a handful of other services. I fear that this will be a never ending up hill battle. I understand how this could happen because my site is returning what looks like fake versions of real websites. However the archive.org way back machine doesn't seem to suffer from these problems. So I wonder if there are some key things I can change in my code or in my server config to avoid this from happening again. Thanks!
  2. Hi I'm the creator of theoldnet.com which is a site intended to provide a vintage experience when browsing website snapshots from archive.org This is a supported and endorsed project by the internet archive. There is no phishing going on here. The paypal security team incorrectly flagged my site as a phishing site because it was serving up very old snapshots of paypal. However this is all content freely available through the internet archive's way back machine. I do not own this content I just proxy it. A lot of users are reporting my site is being detected by malware bytes. How can help me figure out what I need to do to stop getting flagged as a false positive? Thank you!
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