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  1. Hi, yeah it seems to be a recent thing since I never had any problems with it few weeks ago. But now all off a sudden this came up, might have been an update to malwarbytes or inspectre causing it not sure.. All I know Is that i've used this program on multiple machines without any issues with malwarebytes flagging it until now.
  2. So I was downloading the inspectre tool from the official site. "I included webbsite in a document in this post." Webbsite.txt And later down the line scanned my computer with malwarebytes and now it's telling me that a firefox cache file is infected with the line "MachineLearning/Anomalous.95%" I made sure to also scan with other programs like Eset but it found nothing, I even uploaded the cache file on virustotal but only a few brands of AV's detect it as an anomaly so I'm pretty sure it's a false detection. I'll upload the file detected in a rar as well here. Detection.rar
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