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  1. I downloaded this thinking it was a child monitoring program. But I cannot access it anymore and it randomly opens up and asks to upgrade.I tried contacting the company a few times, and they will not reply. I forced it to install by turning off my malwarebytes. There is no uninstall and it is hidden, as well as not in the control panel. Malwarebytes doesn't pick it up as a virus anymore though and won't remove it Thanks
  2. OK thanks ill provide the most recent "message" number (I dont see any "ticket number") from yesterday, because I Dont have any older ones( I deleted them) 4343057 Thank you Exile!
  3. I should mention I cant access that account and I forgot my password for it- so I cannot even log in to change it
  4. I have tried contacting them for the past few months with no answer, (at their email) And I tried making a new email and registering it and it says " The product key you are trying to use is already registered. " Thanks for your help so far...
  5. When I bought my licence, it was a lifetime one, and it is asking me to deactivate old computers, which I cannot do because I cant log in - My old email is not used anymore( switched internet providers) and email disappeared. Support never emailed me back What can I do Thanks
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