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  1. Crap, I thought this would help. I have 20 users in this limited environment for one of my clients we're seeing this at. Not experiencing it at any other users at this time. I'l continue to post all changes. Thanks! Best! Brian
  2. I have successfully fixed this on my client computers. The steps were as follows. From the management console Client Tab, remove the offline PC. Go to the PC and log in as admin and remove Malwarebytes from the PC through Control Panel/Programs and features. Ensure Netlogon Service is running on PC. From the management console Admin Tab, scan for computers, find the affected PC and do a new Push Install. You will see the PC in the Client Tab again after a refresh. It will show as online. Good luck!
  3. Any update on the new release date? This issue is quite annoying to our users that have to update their databases manually. Thanks
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