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  1. How many is “very few”? I’ve had them pop-up at least 4 times in the last 6 hours even after turning off notifications in the program settings AND in the windows toolbar. Yes, I’m using the premium version. I would expect a few pop-ups to update in a free version, but a paid version should have an option that actually disables notifications.
  2. Come on, man, don’t tell me it isn’t a marketing tool when the notifications pop-up even when notifications are turned off. I’ve even hidden Malwarebytes icon and notifications in the windows toolbar, yet they still pop-up. It’s nice that you want users to have the latest version, but to make these notifications pop-up a half dozen times a day (I’ve had them pop-up 4 times since updating this morning) despite the user’s wishes is annoying. It’s as bad as adware. Malwarebytes is becoming what it claims to protect us against. Just give us the option to turn them off.
  3. Great. The new update includes a nag notification to upgrade program even with the notification option turned off. Thanks, Malwarebytes. 🙄
  4. I was not able to update to 1.0.11789. However, this morning, I was able to update to 1.0.11790. Thanks.
  5. So, like many others, I’m getting none stop pop-up notifications blocking websites as malicious - sites like Microsoft and google. It looks like update package version 1.0.11788 is causing the issue and 1.0.11789 corrects it. My MBAM says 1.0.11788 is current even when I manually check for updates. Do I have to upgrade the whole program to get package version 1.0.11789? Why can’t I update to a working version without upgrading the whole program? This really looks like Malwarebytes deliberately delivered a flawed update to force users to upgrade program. Why the deception?
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