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  1. I reinstalled MB3 and the issues still persist. All internet pages either do not load or become unresponsive.
  2. A few hours ago, all website traffic on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer were reported as malware by MB3 (others have posted on this). I would provide screenshots of the specific sites blocked but it seems as if MB3 has now been removed from my computer (?). I performed scans with with MB3 (premium) and Sophos and no errors were found. I restarted the computer and all website traffic is blocked. I am connected to the internet and can stream from spotify but all website traffic is stuck loading/times out. I have flushed the DNS and used the command netsh winsok reset and reset the computer multiple times. Each time after restart I am able to load ~1 page (google, yahoo, etc.) before all further traffic is stopped. I have checked for auto updates of tcp/ip and proxy settings. Thoughts?
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