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  1. I disabled push ads and I added Malwarebytes Browser Guard. So my pc is clean from malware? Should I make a virus scan as well to make sure or are any viruses that I might've had as well removed too? If so is there any program you would recommend, Avast isn't what it used to be imo. Anyways I would like to take a moment to be grateful, I appreciate your time and thanks so much for helping me Maurice! If there's anything else I should do to be more secure I'll get to it.
  2. I proceeded to make such a scan as you recommended and nothing was found. log.txt
  3. Ok so I have emptied the recycle bin and tried restarting the computer and it was faster booting up now, though there's still something off. Right before I click to login everytime I start up the screen blinks black once or twice which it didn't do before I seemingly got infected, is there anything else I could have like a rootkit or something? Or could these things be caused by a regular virus and I should try doing an antivirus scan instead of antimalware? Or is there any other tool I should use?
  4. I just realised that I am insanely stupid, I still have the folder with the trojan.vonteera in my recycle bin. Now I'm asking, should I restore it and try to remove the file with some antimalware program or am I fine if I just empty the recycle bin?
  5. I noticed that it removed ytd.exe and Uninstall.exe (for ytd) but doesn't that mean that the other files for ytd are still on my computer if it's not "uninstalled" like just removing the exe doesn't remove all it's code?
  6. Ok so I used this scan and found a lot more and there was a few errors with removal. esetlog.txt
  7. Hi again! My first name is Sebastian but my friends have nicknamed me Sebbe if you'd rather use that. This startup didn't stay black but like the others since I realised I probably got infected it took relatively long for it to show me the login screen and a slower startup. I proceeded to do a scan of my computer with the tool you sent and I've got the report, but mid scan my computer basicaly turned off and as I desperately try to click and press my keys to see if it's still alive the fans stop and after 1 second turns on again and I get to login and to my surprise I see that the scan is still running like nothing ever happened and I let out a sigh of semi-relief. It was probably just my computer going into sleepmode after that I hadn't touched it for 15 minutes but it felt like the scan would not let it go into sleep mode and the period I did not do anything felt short considering it should've been 15 minutes. msert.log
  8. Sorry for the delay, I have school and I'm only able to do this in the evening. But I feel really paranoid now since my last mbam scan didn't include as many files as my seperate scans of my disks feeling like it might've been forced to stop or something. Additionally on this startup of the computer I was only greeted by a black screen with my cursor and I had to restart the PC in order to be able to login. But here are the files. mbst-grab-results.zip log.txt
  9. So I was doing a full scan on the computer since I was paranoid that I had gotten infected when I accidentally entered a site and my desktop icons changed to blank papers for a split second. I found 4 malware: Adware.FusionCore, 2 Generic.Malware/Suspicous and a Trojan.Vonteera. I noticed that all of these was in a folder that I no longer needed (it was a backup folder of my SSD drive from my previous computer) so I just quarantined and removed them and restarted the system. But me being me I went directly to delete the entire folder and afterwards I noticed in the report that it said removal failed for trojan.vonteera and I realise that this is probably not good. I checked and the trojan was WINSTA.EXE located in D:\SSD DISKEN KOPIERAD\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\WINSTA\BIN\WINSTA.EXE and in this case SSD DISKEN KOPIERAD means SSD drive copied in swedish. I am currently performing a full scan again in order to see if it's still on my computer but even if it says my computer is clean, am I safe? I have the log for the scan with the trojan for you to see. As you may notice I canceled that scan because I had to leave in a while and I wanted to get rid of what I had found so I might even find something new in this scan. Thanks in advance! -Sebastian log.txt
  10. When I try to update it just says no updates are available, my package version is 1.0.11788
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