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  1. hello, today while i was strolling twitter, i got a trojan warning from mbytes i aslo can't access their website false or true? their twitter page; https://twitter.com/Leadergamer their website; https://leadergamer.com.tr/ why does twitter allow malicious website to be loaded even before i click them? it seems weird also?
  2. Thank you friend, that was all I needed. I thought it didn't have web skimmer before as well, and it made me little bit angry. But hearing this, i'm okay with the end result. I would feel really bad if it didn't really have a skimmer before, bcoz that would be like framing them (which they deemed me in some obscure ways)
  3. @Zynthesist claimed the website had skimmer in it. "Hello, Yes I would take precautionary steps related to payment methods and information used on the site. I have just re-verified and the skimmer is still active. " "This specific type of skimmer campaign is a novel one. I would recommend changing passwords as a precaution yes." @TeMerc says, "Hello, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've reviewed the site again and have determined it no longer warrants being blocked so we've removed it from our database. Removal should be reflected in the
  4. This is the website of the biggest ISP in turkey (türk telekom) and its speedtest domain has a trojan according to malwarebytes Any clarifications? Is this a false positive?
  5. http://teknobiyotik.com/ Is the web skimmer still active within this website? A friend of mine installed Malwarebytes Premium trial but he doesn't get any detections. But I still continue to do so.
  6. oh i see, but i already said i use different passwords for every site i sign up i dont even employ google passwords manager, i have my passwords written on a special notebook of mine, and i type them hand by hand everytime (i dont trust any kind of password managers also) so if i'm using different passwords, i'm okay i guess?
  7. how can I make sure new passwords will not be stolen? is a full mbam scan is enough or should i install my windows againt dont know what to do rn or why do you suggest changing other passwords since they are different from teknobiyotik.com?
  8. Thanks, i will have my debit card disabled and get a new one. Should I also change all my passwords? I use different passwords for every website. Or can I just ignore the website and continue to web browsing? Am I infected in a general sense? Is it possible that they also stole my other password typings with trojan, keylogger or something, how can I be sure? I'm utilizing malwarebytes for 2 years but never had a problem with this website. Why not before, why now? Is it possible that they added the skimmer today?
  9. how should i proceed my friend? i purchased many products from this website with my bank card. should i disable my card and change all my passwords? a huge percentage of turkish users use this website to buy products. to this day, no such detection happened, is this recently added by the website? should I try to raise awareness in local tech forum against this? --- are you absouletely sure that this is not a false positive?
  10. https://www.teknobiyotik.com/donanim/islemci-cpu/intel-core-i7-10700k-3-8ghz-turbo-5-1ghz-16mb-cache-lga1200-comet-lake-10-nesil-islemci.html https://www.teknobiyotik.com/donanim/islemci-cpu/intel-core-i7-10700f-2-9ghz-turbo-4-8ghz-16mb-cache-lga1200-comet-lake-10-nesil-islemci.html can't enter a local reliable retailer store website because of this detection any insights on this? is the website really infected_?
  11. Hi people, around 8:22-8:23, i got tripped by a notification by malwarebytes, saying that real time protection was disabled i quickly checked the program... and i saw it still enabled so i quickly came here but before I do, i thought maybe an update caused this? then i checked the about tab and saw this; https://prnt.sc/sh4iaw sooo.. is it normal behaviour for mb to turn off real time protection and turn on it again quickly while applying an update? is there anything i should be concerned about or is it the expected behaviour of updates_?
  12. http://www.zalman.com/contents/products/view.html?no=299 when i try enter, i get trujen error any idea why?
  13. no, the site of course is not mine but this particular site was promoted in a big tech channel ; at the exact second you can see he suggests the website and the tool (taiphoonburner). no idea what to do or how to proceed. i cant find any alternatives either. is Hardware Unboxed problemetic as well? no idea
  14. http://www.softnology.biz/ cant access it. i need the tool from this website to tweak my RAMs (overclock them) ryzen dram calculator needs the html report from Taiphoon burner software any helps?
  15. Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt mbreport.txt
  16. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/b1e857e2258ef8f684d29cdb3949ebd051690313078f9bbe2f776c5c02cc3628/detection https://prnt.sc/s29h6m I didn't click the program. Am I possibly infected?
  17. http://www.pureoverclock.com/Review-detail/xigmatek-nrp-pc702-700w/4/ automatically downloads lastupdate.exe and promps a fake google chrome update any info on this? is the downloaded exe is a virus?
  18. any updates on this one? (sorry for spamming its been 1 week :( )
  19. hello, thank you; i downloed rprogram from here; https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-timing-checker/
  20. hi; the detecsion; https://prnt.sc/rudfy2 the progrem; https://prnt.sc/rudg4k i use program myself ; i created its shortcut to desktop but malwarebit said it can be dangerus , is it compromised or something ;; what i do
  21. sorry portos, i didnt meant to be rude, i just thought maybe my post was gone unseen (sry) thx for removing block i can acess the website now,, thx alot good devs
  22. hi people http://blog.livedoor.jp/wisteriear/archives/1076004597.html this link gave me trujen error in malwarebite?
  23. https://prnt.sc/rbf6zi https://prnt.sc/rbf7gw
  24. https://ticaret.gov.tr/tuketici/tuketici-hakem-heyetleri/tuketici-hakem-heyetlerine-iliskin-bilgilendirme-metni This is an official Turkey government website. I can't enter it because MB says its infected with trojan. Is it just for me or is it a general issue? Or is it a false positive?
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