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  1. hi people http://blog.livedoor.jp/wisteriear/archives/1076004597.html this link gave me trujen error in malwarebite?
  2. https://prnt.sc/rbf6zi https://prnt.sc/rbf7gw
  3. https://ticaret.gov.tr/tuketici/tuketici-hakem-heyetleri/tuketici-hakem-heyetlerine-iliskin-bilgilendirme-metni This is an official Turkey government website. I can't enter it because MB says its infected with trojan. Is it just for me or is it a general issue? Or is it a false positive?
  4. trying to access, https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/1992355-Unofficial-Kassandra-Fan-Club?p=14701345#post14701345 error i get, https://prnt.sc/qn92l0
  5. thank you then. since i deleted chrom i gues im on safe side. if i get detection from firefox too i will let you guys know thx for your assistance ❤️
  6. thank you friend but somes became very demanding. ac odyssey and bf5 for example puts 10 gigabyte ram load and full cpu loads., i really mean it when the defender decides to scan it gets worse sadly i cannot disable defender via gpedit bcoz i have a windows home licence
  7. i know friend, but sadly, i dont love the way how defender works. if i had a cpu such as ryzen 2600 or i7 8700k with hyper threading and lots of threads, i could've used defender but as of now, its just a headache for my 6 core 6 thread cpu. i shoot up battlefield 5 and guess what? stutter every 5-10 minutes. whenver i stutter, i see windows defender randomly using cpu to scan pc or scan some executable it thinks it dangerous. not to mention, for the 1 year i've been with malwarebytes, malwarebytes has caught tons of legit trojans viruses and such. but defender was sleeping all the time. just take the last month for example. three trojen attempts happened while defender was active but it didn't found them. i m sure it would let those trojens take away my pc if i didn't have malwarebytes or something and again, also, if i were to accept windows defender real time , i would never resort to malwarebyytes in the beginning. only reason i got premium for mb was for its real time protection. but sorry, my low threaded cpu can't handle double real time protections
  8. installed the windows 10 1909 version. sadly, it didn't register in windows defender again i tried cleaning mbam withi ts support tool and reinstalling it. sadly it didnt work again i'll bite the bullet and reinstall the windows this night. it will be my final attempt regarding this issue
  9. Dear friend, i get those notifications very rarely i just share them whenever i get them. it was the first case and till to day, it never happened again. but it may happen again. anyway, if you mean the problem is on chrome, then i nuked teh chrome and transitioned to firefox altogether. here's my lastest mbam log i really don't understand the whole fuss though. am i infected or not? is there malicious software in my pc or not? why cant i get a definite answer? nasdaqreport.txt
  10. Dear nasdaq, what is my "problem"? According to the link you shared, chrome constantly detects something. its not my case...
  11. hey friend, first of all much thanks for your concern and help i have couple of things to say to you, 1) i would like this thread to be deleted after the whole process is done (not now of course, but when you deem everything's okay and fine). bcoz there are some confidential information on those txts about my computer that i would not like everyone to access (i think attachments in this forum should only be accesible by expert staff like you. i shouldn't be able to download other people's FRST logs or such. i can see what files they have, maybe gather information or even passwords and such from their logs. who knows maybe some of those peopel that post logs here has a txt file with his password writen as its title eg. xxxxmypaswordxx.txt and such. i mean yes, its kind of an idiotic move, but who knows. im not criticising the tool for collecting these informations, or im not criticising for you of wanting these files. i just state that, i or anyone besides you expert staff shouldn't have access to these attachments. i think this is a huge flaw for a cyber security program's forum. i hope it can be fixed... or i hope you see this is a problem) 2) you ask me if the problem persists. but i dont even know what the problem is. as you can see from my topic "nikse.dk trojen", the "Porthos" stated that "something" in my computer is calling out to a bad site. i think this is the problem you refer to. but how can I know if its fixed or not? you say my system is clear of threats but i didn't even change anything, didn't delete anything. didn't download anything from nikse.dk either. i just entered nikse.dk yesterday and the notification pop up, saying that it is related to some trojan or something. yesterday, i refreshed nikse.dk page but couldn't repeat the same trojan result. so it wasn't a repetetive trojan attempt. even if there's really something in my computer that is calling out to a bad site that is a trojan, it's still there and these logs are not enough to identify it, or malwarebytes wasn't good enough to detect it, i have no ieda pls don't get me wrong. i'm just on my nerves till yesterday bcoz what porthos said made me very anxious and i was afraid of being infected. i will share my fixlog as well. i hope u can help me in thee regards. should i just nuke my system and format it? don't know how to proceed honestly. i have 3 disks which one of them being 4 tb and full of files. even if i format, and there are some trojens on that drive, those trojens would attack me again i guess. so i have to wipe all the disks to be safe? what should I do?? is there a more detailed trojen scanner or something? i ran full scans with both defender and mbam but both of them comes empty handed to me after hours of searching. but yet, porthos said that something on my computer is trojen and its calling out to bad sites. Fixlog.txt
  12. i forgot to add extra reports from mbam and farbar so i post them again. i hope u can help, FRST.txt Addition.txt mal malwarebytes.txt
  13. I've been told here that I was infected. Here is my farbar recovery log. I hope yu can help meh Addition.txt
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