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  1. Also, maybe you can help me with one last thing. What prompted me to install and use Malwarebytes was an error message that pops up on my screen about 30 minutes after I begin each session on my machine. The error message is titled "SetTool" and it reads "System Error. Code 8. Not enough memory resources are available to process this command." This message will continually pop up until I restart my machine. I don't notice anything not functioning correctly after the message pops up, but it is very annoying. Do you think you know what that could be?
  2. Is there another way to locate the extension PDF Converter on my machine? It's not listed in my extensions for some reason...
  3. Here you go. Note that the same 54 threats came up again in the scan. Every scan it's the same 54. AdwCleaner_8-12.txt malwarebytes scan_8-12.txt
  4. Exactly as the title says, I quarantine the same (exactly 54) threats, but when I rerun the scan later the same threats come up again.
  5. nothing is happening when I click the fixlist.txt attachment
  6. I didn't quarantine them that time no. I will right now. Every time I do it doesn't work though because the same ones appear in the next scan.
  7. Here's everything. Thanks for your help so far. Malwarbytes scan.txt AdwCleaner.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Each time I run a scan, the same 54 items get quarantined. I delete them, but a day later when I run the scan again they are back. How do I fix this?
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