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  1. All still seems good. Not sure why I had this problem. I am the one that never clicks on stupid links and pop ups. What amazes me is why it wasn't detected by any of these programs and virus killers. Even Hijack didn't find it.
  2. I followed the instructions and so far so good. I will see what happens over the next few days. Thank you greatly for your help. I will buy you a beer when I get over there.
  3. Thanks. I will give it a try over the next few days.
  4. Finally got to do it. It doesn't pop up until I open chrome. It has 3 pop ups in a row then stops for an hour or so.
  5. I tried closing chrome when one of the ads popped up and it stayed up. I will try a full reboot tomorrow.
  6. I think I tried that but nothing pops up. I am on linkedin. I am trying to get a job with the company I am with at the moment. They have a few I am just not sure about the money and what the cost of living is like in comparison.
  7. I am actually trying to move over there once I can find a job.
  8. Good question. I will let you know tomorrow when I boot up again. PS. Sounds like Sunderland hasn't changed much. It was pissing down last time I was over there too.
  9. It is still happening. I have done a screen shot of the ad. There are a lot of other ads but they all have Mazterize dot com as the website.
  10. Yep. Done that now. Still didn't find a threat. I will wait till tomorrow to see if anything pops up. Thanks for your help. Hows sunny Sunderland?
  11. Yes it does. I have tried to find any extensions that might be at fault but there is nothing new there.
  12. The image you showed was 7.3.0 the version I have is 7.4.0. It only happens every hour or so. It hasn't happened in a while.
  13. Is it possible the earlier version is different?
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