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  1. Update the link please, because https://www.malwarebytes.com/wallpapers/ is not working anymore.
  2. Hi, I have opened a support ticket in May about this, we were affected as well, and the issue with the backup folder and EDRPlugin was solved with EDRplugin version 1.2.306. Additionally I was told this: But reinstalled Malwarebytes in advance, so I can't tell you if the new version cleans up the database file by itself. Kind regards Denis
  3. Hi, have you had a look onto the website again? Kind regards Denis
  4. Dear Sirs, I've reported to check hxxp://download.3mhis.de/ a couple of days ago and you unlisted the site. Please check again : I've checked the site manually and their server seems to be hijacked, or whatever. Now a strange site appears. Maybe they have a problem, but the download link on the 3M site shows to this site. 3M Health Information System must be informed about an issue with their servers, too. Kind regards Denis Pintaric
  5. False Positive for URL hxxp://download.3mhis.de/ This is the download website of 3M for a software for healthcare customers.
  6. ZKK.exe inside of the ZIP File SecurityLogs.csv ZKK.zip
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