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  1. thanks Kevin!!!, any recommendations for a external drive? seems that Im going to need one regardless?
  2. Yes Kevin it helps, thank you, Just to clarify, a system image will backup the entire drive? all users and pictures, documents, etc? and would I need to purchase a windows 7 home premium installation disk to do the repair install?
  3. Hello! @kevinf80 , pardon my late reponse, i hope all is well!, I am still trying to do the repair install and a few questions I SHOULD back up all of my data before reinstalling without wiping the drive, right? how to back up ALL (every account on the laptop) USERS data? and should I do it on the cloud or on a hard drive? any recommendations? I currently have 400 gb worth of data on the drive (C:) and 500 mb on the recovery, Should I buy a 1TB external hard drive? or should I do a system image? also, the process in the link you provided for me, is this essentially t
  4. Hello again Kevin! tried those options (Tweaking.com) to no avail!!!, I want to ask you, before just creating another profile, should I try a "Non destructive (preserve user data)" reinstall of windows 7 home premium? please let me know your thoughts!!! check this out also, very similar issue Im having right now : https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/enabling-uac-causes-blank-screen-on-logon/9f37b69d-cdb3-4fd2-bef1-4eeb86884257
  5. some notes from LOGIN DATA: C : \ W i n d o w s \ s y s t e m 3 2 \ v c s F P S e r v i c e . e x e C : \ P r o g r a m F i l e s ( x 8 6 ) \ C o m m o n F i l e s \ E g i s T e c \ S e r v i c e s \ E g i s T i c k e t S e r v i c e . e x e P E A U T H \ D r i v e r \ P E A U T H 7 \ R E G I S T R Y \ M A C H I N E \ S Y S T E M \ C o n t r o l S e t 0 0 3 \ s e r v i c e s \ v w i f i m p ?
  6. OMG , what interesting, checkout the "LOGIN DATA" file!!!! I opened these via notepad! what is this!? WEIRDFILES.rar
  7. also Kevin! i have these odd files on the C drive for USER HP (black screen) they are duplicated and very odd, they were created the day the problems began, also This problem began because i did something similar to this guy : https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/uac-all-corrupt-every-user-account-permissions-etc.2635125/, What I Did to Cause the Corruption:"I “Right Clicked”, on the “C Drive”, I then clicked on “Properties”, then I clicked the “Security Tab”, then “Advanced Tab”. I then proceeded to click the “Change Permissions” Button, then the “Edit” Button. I gave myself
  8. Thank you Kevin! I will definitely do that, but are there any of repair fixes to try? such as system repair or chkdsk etc? any other ideas? im definitely willing to attempt more with your amazing help!!!
  9. Yes Kevin! pardon my late reply, the account with black screen is CHRIS (but i think it used to be named HP-miller)
  10. yes! Hidden Admin account still works perfectly, ive been able to run from here, but still not from original admin account (still has black screen)
  11. Just tried it Kevin, CTRL ALT DEL, security screen, and restarting from lower right, it does not reboot to normal, still black screen
  12. yes, pardon me, had to replace keyboard! I really appreciate your dedication!!! Thank you Fixlog.txt
  13. Hello Kevin, I am still here, trying to download this, but my home WiFi is temporarily down! 😤, will update when it’s finished
  14. Hello again Kevin! I did everything as instructed. the malwarebytes report got deleted but it was the SAME EXACT DETECTIONS as roguescans! looking forward to your next reply! ROGUESCAN.7.31.2019 8AM.txt roguescan8.1.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. UPDATE KEVIN : rogue killer found a bunch of stuff (check attachments), removed the high priority threats. ROGUESCAN.7.31.2019 8AM.txt
  16. perfect suggestion Kevin! , I ran the scan in the hidden admin account and it worked! attached below I am also able to scan with roguekiller now and MSERT, so far roguekiller has scanned 40,000 files and found 1 problem (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET001\SERVICES\NPF), i will let it finish and update you with results, I appreciate it!!! , looking forward to your reviewed response of the uploaded files Addition.txt FRST.txt
  17. im not sure..., should i try to make a new user with admin rights? when i click run as admin, (from the accessible user) the CPU shoots up too 100%, and the FRST process says not responding, i will try to re-download (FRST) and update you, thanks, P.S, would NTBtLOG (Start up drivers) help ? ill attach it, let me know if you see anything please! (im on safe mode with networking) ntbtlog.txt
  18. also how do i back it up? and how can i run FRST from the CMD? update Kevin! just checked hard drive, it checked out as OK (good).
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