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  1. edge-log.txt Sorry for the 3 separate answers. I had problems with the export.
  2. The problem was reported by one of our customer who installed malwarebytes today. I also installed it, to reproduced the problem. I also tried to ping the host, but this is also blocked.
  3. Hello, I have the problem that multiple domains are blocked that use the same IP address. But not all domains that use this IP are affected. Multiple IP addresses are also affected. So i don't know, if this is ip or domain specific. How can i get more information about the reason for the blacklisting? Examples: http://monitor.volley.de https://www.volley.de https://www.tsv-feucht.de
  4. Hello, i think this is a false positive (recognized as Trojan.Agent on virustotal.com) turnier.
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