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  1. The problem is another. I searched on https://haveibeenpwned.com my email address and I found that it was on 2 copies. A guy took the password from these and used it on my Steam, battle.net account. I deleted these 2 emails, changed the passwords, activated 2FA etc. How to make my account disappear from them?
  2. I got an email on winter from a ”Save Yourself” hacker which found one of my passwords. He hacked all my accounts, Battle.net, Steam, PS4, but he didn't hacked Google or Facebook. I restored my PS4 account with a hard work and on monday, I will try to restore the others two. I've enabled 2FA for Yahoo, Google, PS4, Facebook etc. I've found that I was hacked this may, but I didn't notice the mail. Today, I've checked the spam and found a guy telling he would post videos with me doing ... I have never doing that so I am not stressed, but after 4 hours I got the same email. I know his IP from Steam email address change. I found that he lives in Russia. How to report him to prevent people getting hacked by this guy? I know his bitcoin wallet btw. Please help.
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