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  1. STOP THE POP UP CRAP! Malwarebytes, WHY DO YOU DO THIS? Every so often you completely slap your premium customers in the face. Stop posting pop up crap that can't be turned off. I've gotten this twice and I guarantee I will never give you another penny. These popups are the malware I'm trying to avoid. STOP IT. It makes your company look like total spam garbage. STOP IT.
  2. TURN THIS OFF or allow opt-out. Or just send as an email with an UNSUBSCRIBE link included. This is disgusting behavior.
  3. Exactly. Malwarebytes is now malware. This is totally unacceptable.
  4. Turn this crap off. I don't pay for Premium to get your blog update notifications. What a blatant attempt to get web traffic and sell services. You MUST allow a way to turn this incredibly rude marketing strategy OFF. What you are doing is so tasteless and shameless, I will cancel in a heartbeat if you try this crap again.
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