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  1. @Zynthesist we'd like to dispute this finding. Below is some information about our company: Comscore is a U.S.-based media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises; media and advertising agencies; and publishers. Comscore maintains a worldwide panel of over 2 million people who have opted-in to participate in our market research community. Our panelists are asked to install Comscore research software that collects digital consumption behavior. Prospective panelists are provided with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, and must provide explicit consent prior to the installation of our software. Those documents can be found here (link). Participation in our panel is voluntary and panelists can remove the software at any time through the normal software removal proves. Please let me know if you will need for me to submit additional information.
  2. I'm unable to reply to my previous post or the reply . Can someone or @Zynthesist send me the link to the dmg file, how do you classify the file as malicious, and any suggestions about how to remove it? thanks...
  3. When trying to access www.permissionresearch.com, a message is displayed "website blocked due to a trojan". PR_blocked.txt
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