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  1. Hi David, thank you fot the answer. I can have misinterpreted it as I am not an It expert... May I ask you something? Apart from the page opening by itself, which worries me a bit, can you (or someone else) explain to me 3 parts of the big report (here the full screenshots and below the parts)? 1 - What this means: 2 : 3 And these: Thank you and have a nice day.
  2. So, I don't want to look paranoid. But: yesterday I opened this forum page and another forum page (reddit) where I wrote the same stuff and the site: https:// howtoremove.guide /remove- ****** drive-by-exploit-e mail/ opened in a tab by itself. No kidding, i don't know how this is even possible. I finally have the results from hybrid-analysis and they look REAL BAD (in my humble opinion): https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/69b61e0b4b800586e84bc373eb3b181f092ae694d0c3dcdf39b88c422fcffc7d/5d3d59b4028838118b93867c Malicious 100% Risk Assessment N
  3. Hi all. I knew it was a scam E-mail, I already got some similar ones with old passwords I don't use anymore. But the sentence "if you want to find out more - Google: "Drive-by exploit" stimulated my curiosity. So I did the google search exactly as suggested, or maybe "what is a Drive-by exploit". I like to learn this kind of stuff. I was on my android phone in the bus, too relaxed. So I opened quite randomly the first 2-3 google links without thinking too much. Also this one (I think, 99% sure, I didn't make any screenshot): !! I make the link unclickable !!
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