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  1. Same thing, even google, official microsoft addresses, avast... it's trying to block everything
  2. Fantastic. I was more afraid of those drive-by exploits. But good to hear that they are blocked/disconnected before they have a chance. Eh, I like to make sure. It takes long... ish I guess. It took me 44 minutes to do 3 hard drives
  3. Ah okay, so they just recognize the IP, URL an immediately blocks it before I or the site even has a chance to infect or do anything at all. But by the sounds of it, in most cases it's just the fake "Download your free program" or "You have a virus" pop up.
  4. Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this, hopefully it is in the right forum. A site was blocked due to malvertising when I was browsing the web. This may be a dumb question, but I rather ask to be certain. The website that got blocked, does malware block the site and connection before it is able to connect and possibly infect? I already did a threat scan, nothing was found. But also doing a full scan of my hard drives just in case.
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