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  1. Hi Porthos In fact it took over 12hours to complete! Issue here is that the scan settings are the same as we have always used, but the time it takes has hugely increased Normally our basic routine is JRT, ADWcleaner, MBam, (although allegedly MBam now incorporates, their other utilities!), then if needed SuperMultiWotsit, and finally Panda Cloud Cleaner, quick check on browser extensions, Search engines etc and thats it. This machine looked clean (and was), so just left it doing the scan, its not an urgent job, today upgrade to Windows 10 1903, remove the Windows junk, mail, groove etc, add Panda endpoint (in this case) and jobs done. BUT the Malwebytes times are a problem where jobs are urgent, particularly as over many years of use we have found this to be the cleanup tool of choice, now we are looking around, and not just at the cleaning aspect. We find their resale products also falling behind, especially in terms of customer ownership, and are increasingly placing business elsewhere, which is a shame as they have been the best at remediation for so long.
  2. I found this article, specifically because we are finding that the scanning on MBam, using a custom scan of everything, is taking about twice the time it used to do prior to sometime earlier this year. This is a subjective measurement because its across lots of our clients PC's, if we have a client where we suspect malware we have traditionally installed a MBam trial and doe a scan. As a rule of thumb it took two to three hours, sometimes four dependent upon disk usage and capacity . I have in front of me a clients laptop that is up to 269,000 file and has been going for 6hrs 39mins OK its a slow laptop - one reason there might be bugs (nothing so far), but it's the hugely different time scale we are finding, to that which we have previously experienced over years of use. Initially you think is it me, is it just this machine but over the months you realise its MBam, which has for some reason become massively slower. Its a shame at a time where Malwarebytes are developing "marketable" security products that their traditional "techies" are beginning to look to competitors..
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