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  1. why haven’t you added *.google.com to your hosts-file.net list. i cannot imagine a more prolific malware distribution outlet. or one with a more onerous or devious intent.
  2. do you have a way for me to track whether or not you’re blocking any other websites of mine? maybe a page that listed blocked sites?
  3. I would like to have more details about the block that was placed on my website. It has been removed. When was the block placed? Do you have a screenshot or the file that was causing the hijack issue? How many times was the website checked for the issue?
  4. So how long will it take to get the block removed from my website?
  5. So, knowing that there are literally millions of shared hosting sites in the world you choose to block based on IP address instead of domain name?
  6. I would like to know what was causing the site to be blocked.
  7. Your product is blocking the above website. Yet after check with several other services including googles safe-browsing service I find no reason for the site to b e blocked. All I was trying to do was visit the website.
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