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  1. Trying to access my company website I get a Trojan warning from MalwareBytes Malicious Website Blocking. I've checked and the site is clean: could you please remove the block? IP address: Excerpt of the protection log (or screenshot of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware blocking the website): please find it below. Hostname/URL (when posting the site/URL/domain name, DO NOT post it as a link, please replace http with hxxp. Live links will be disabled): hxxps://www.alkeria.com -Log Details- Data evento di protezione: 24/07/19 Ora evento di protezione: 13:06 File di log: 14f17a07-ae03-11e9-9e78-18dbf22bfdd0.json -Dettagli siti web bloccati- Sito web nocivo: 1 , , Bloccato, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Dati sito web- Categoria: Trojan Dominio: www.alkeria.com Indirizzo IP: Porta: [61813] Tipo: In uscita (Outbound)
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