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  1. i did and there isnt an offline scan option. Im not on windows 10, this is a server. this is what i get.
  2. Im guessing because it is server and not windows 10 it looks different... I dont see an option for an offline scan.
  3. thats is a custom service, i know what that is. I will re-run frst in normal boot now.
  4. the only thing removed is/was trojan Mirai virus located in HKlocalmachine\software\microsoft\currentcontrolset\run. a program masking itself as bgclients is the culprit. This has been reoccuring for a bit now, itll be back in a few days after removal.
  5. I HAVE MAE A DISCOVERY! There are a set of services that change their name after every reboot. These are the source of the issue, but i cant remove them. I have tried sc delete as an admin in safe mode, also navigated to the services in the registry and deleted them, but they keep coming back. Here a few examples of the names. CDPUserSvc_23d6fd8b ContactData_23d6fd8b and a few others that follow the same naming structure. After reboot, the number tagged at the end changes to something else random.
  6. here they are. AdwCleaner[S01].txt frst.txt failsafemaleware.txt
  7. Hello all! I am having quite a difficult time getting this virus out of my system. I "think" its a wmi infection but I'm unsure. a registry entry in windows\current version\run keeps reinstalling itself and i dont know how. Below are a list of cleaners i have ran to see if i can fix the issue. 1. malewarebytes (detects and quarantines it, but it returns within a day or so.... even with out a reboot it comes back) 2.Superantispyware 3. kaspersky TDSS killer 4. rkill 5. eset nod 32 (default anti-virus) 6. adwcleaner 7.hijackthis 8. MBAR
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