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  1. Hi everyone, I came acoss this post as i received the exact same email as Sebbyb. I got 2 emails, one yesterday and one today both from "saveyourself" accounts. The subject of one even called me a pervert!! The content of the emails were exactly the same as what Sebby originally posted. I searched my email address and it has been pwned on 4 sites. I read thay myspace was comprimised some years ago and the passwords were all transferred to lower case. The password of mine that they knew was correct except for the capitilisation so i think that might be it. Im no longer worried about having beem hacked but i must say these emails are quite convincing. I also received 2 with slightly different wording. Blocked and deleted and changed all my passwords. I only really use my phone (samsung G9) so less worried about being hacked, is there a way to check this on a phone? Anyway @Sebbyb1 i mainly just wanted to share my experience so hopefully it puts your mind at rest as we both got the same scam. Otherwise we will see if there's indecent videos of us on the internet when we don't pay in 3 days ;-)
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