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  1. My sincere apologies to anyone who may have been overly concerned by my previous post. The "Blue Loop Syndrome" appears to have been a "Of of a kind glitch". My daughter suggested I telephone "Nerds on Call", which I did. Rick listened patiently over the phone and then he instructed me what to do to reach a "safe/internet" state and from there he was able to establish remote control and in 24 hours, my p/c is back to better than normal, Malwarebytes and Norton 360 working seamlessly together once more and all is right with the Universe! I AM MORE COMMITTED TO CONTINUING MY MALWARBYTES PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION THAN EVER BEFORE AND MORE CONFIDENT IN YOUR SERVICES AS WELL! Thanks again so very much for your kind and considerate responses to my previous post! Wishing you all continued success in all your endeavors! John
  2. All is well! At Last! Thanks to my daughter who referred me to an outfit called "Nerds On Call"! Through telephone call, A tech/rep by name of Rick talked me through steps to get my p/c from the "blue loop syndrome" to a "safe mode/internet" state, from there he took control and within 24 hours my p/c is back to working better than before and all is well once more with Malwarebytes working perfectly as before! I had explained my problem to Rick and he was able to experience the "blue loop syndrome" via remote control of my p/c. He undertook measures to repair any and all "glitches" and remove any and all "redundant files" as well as any possible malware and/or viruses using Malwarebytes and Norton 360. The p/c works great BUT.... he was unable to identify what caused the problem to begin with! It seems to be the consensus of opinion that what was experienced is a "on of a kind" glitch that just happened to occur when I restarted the p/c! My sincerest apologies to you good people for any discomfort or alarm I may have caused. Your replies and responses were most comforting ad assuring to me and I am more loyal and confident of Malwarebytes than ever before!
  3. Thank you for your kind responses. All my information is included within Ticket #2664762 and # 2665706. I will follow instructions regarding the Win 10 recovery tool and keep you informed of progress as it occurs, Thank you for restoring my faith, confidence and hope! Doing my level best to remain optimistic and cheerful! John
  4. Please bear with me as I am not a computer tech savvy guy. I believe it was this last Thursday, late afternoon, that a pop up window alerted me to a "New Improved Stronger Version of Malwarebytes" (or inference to that effect)" and in as much as I was doing nothing of importance at the time, I clicked out of the program I had been using (Game of Solitaire) and clicked on the pop up window to affirm my acceptance of the new version and proceeded to download it (I followed the instructions explicitly), the newest version of Malwarebytes downloaded and a window pop up said I had to restart my p/c in order for the new program to rake effect. Please know that prior to this download, I had both Malwarebyes Premium and Norton 360 and both worked seamlessly with one another, easy updates for both programs, full protection for my p/c, everything had been working very well and no problems whatsoever, UNTIL I FOLLOWED MALWAREBYTE INSTRUCTION AND RESTARTED my p/c. It went through normal hot boot start up procedures then progressed to a stage where I would normally see my desktop display, only instead I Have a Navy blue screen with large date and time display mid left and a small p/c icon on the lower right, after a few seconds it changes to all black screen and then back to the blue display. I manually shut down the p/c and unplugged power, waited about 10 minutes, then plugged power back in and restarted. Same thing happens, continuing blue screen loop with black screen blue screen, black screen, etc. I did another cold boot and used my "ESC" key to access my "Start Up Menu" and proceeded to perform a "SMART" test, it concluded all systems were OK and gave me the usual and expected "press any key to restart" notice. I did and again back to the dreaded "Blue Screen Loop". In contacting Malware bytes Support, i had pleasant online tell chat with a Rep, who gave me ticket number and sent me email confirmation with suggested download for a Malwarebytes Repair Tool. I had explained to the Rep that I was not on my p/c, as it was totally nonfunctional other than my limited ability to reach the "Start up Menu", further that I was communicating then, as I am now, from a p/c belonging to another person down the hall and in another room. To Date I have received no email communication from a Support Technician or, as I requested, a telephone call, in as much as it is impossible to communicate using my p/c as it is 'crashed" with the Blue Screen Loop. Yesterday, in frustration, I used the borrowed p/c down the hall and in another room to once again attempt to communicate my distress to Malwarebytes, only to get another standard ticket number and reply as though i had a functioning p/c with a problem with the Malwarebytes program. In desperation I even tracked down a telephone number in Santa Clara for malware Bytes support and the young man apologized and informed me the problem i had was beyond his expertise, but that he would refer my problem to the technicians who may be able to assist me in recovering the use of my p/c. The person that owns this p/c (the p/c I am now using) has run out of patience and it is unlikely that I will be able to access this p/c at my convenience, but only if they are not using it! SO, summary is: 1. Am I the only one with this problem? 2. I implore someone at Malwarebytes to please telephone me, you have my telephone number, and walk me through the steps necessary to recover my system, or to understand and send me a bootable cd/dvd with the solution. At this point I have tried a Norton recovery CD and it stalled with a message to the effect it could not function further (obviously because of the Malwarebytes Blue Screen Loop problem). 3. I have things of significant importance that I was using my p/c for, other than games, and if Malwarebytes cannot rectify the problem I will likely have no other choice than to take a sledge hammer to my p/c, suffer the loss of programs and information that had not been backed up immediately prior to the Malwarebytes down load, and purchase a new computer and avoid Malwarebytes like the plague forever after! THE IRONY! MALWAREBYTES NEWEST VERSION HAS ACCOMPLISHED THAT WHICH I PAID THEM FOR PROTECTION FROM, THE DESTRUCTION OF MY OPERATING SYSTEM AND ERGO MY TOWER COMPUTER. I thank you for your kind consideration and attention and hope others are not subjected to a similar fate.
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