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  1. Thank you Porthos and Maurice for your responses and your suggestions. To start with, I went into the MB Settings and then clicked on "Install Application Updates". After the software had finished the checking, I got the message that your updates are current. Then the new version install box appeared again. I clicked on it and the same thing happened. It disappeared. So after that I downloaded the software tool, and then the software tool went through the four steps and fixed the issue(s). and downloaded Version After completion, I got a message that there should be no more issues, It also did not effect my MB Premium Lifetime Account. My computer even booted up faster this morning, as it has been really slow the last three weeks are so. I don't know if the software tool fix had anything to do with it, but I just thought that I would mention that Since the software tool fixed the issue, I didn't even do the logs. Maybe I should have? Again thank you to the both of you, for your concern, in wanting to help me solve the issue. I hope you have a great day or evening.
  2. Hi and new to the forum. I have a legitimate Lifetime Subscription, purchased through Cleverbridge back in 2013. I keep getting the popup window to install the new version (currently have 3.7.3829), but every time I click on the install button nothing happens and then the popup window goes away. I keep getting this popup message, but it never will install. I disconnected Norton Security, and VooDoo Shield and I get the same results. I have never had this problem in the past with update or new version installs. Also on my account under my subscriptions, it shows the license key and ID the same as the copy of the invoice receipt, I have in my files. It also shows device 0 of 1. I have always run it on the same laptop, with a Windows 7 OS, that I used when I originally purchased the subscription. With the lack of Windows 7 support in January, by Microsoft, I plan on purchasing a new laptop prior to that date with a 10 OS. Would it be better to enter my current device on my account (to update now) , wait till I get a new laptop and enter that info then, or does it even make any difference? Thank you for your time and assistance and have a great day.
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