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  1. What is diskmanagementd is it safe or not
  2. Plus I suffer from anxiety so it doesn't help
  3. Just really don't know what to do to stop myself from worrying still, I am seeing things on activity monitor which are freaking me out
  4. Am sorry I just get worried really easily and then start to over think things, I done a virus scan with bitdefender, avast and malware bytes but still worried
  5. Is just I looked online earlier and it said that keylogger ain't always picked up by antivirus software
  6. Also what about this are these malware or not
  7. If I upload a image of my activity monitor could you tell me if their is any keylogger on my laptop
  8. Ok so it not a keylogger then
  9. Found out now who that is connected to bonjour computers, it's just the avast
  10. Just done a virus scan with avast and coming up with these as unable to scan, is their anything on here I need to be concerned about, also can someone explain what that idigo_blaze is all my is not on
  11. Ok just that I saw on another post on here that they had a keylogger installed
  12. Ok so it won't be a key logger or anything on my Mac then
  13. Thank you for your help at least I don't have to worry now that two people have said it's a scam email and no hacking or infection has taken place, it's just I worry really easily,
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