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  1. Hi Maurice, Thank you very much for your assurance and have just carried the update you suggested and it worked. I was very wary owing to these problems people are talking about here. In addition the fact that I did not have a 'MyAccount' & I bought MB all those years ago and no longer have the old email address. Crisis averted and I thank you. Thanks for all the expert volunteers & staff who assist here on the forum, much appreciated. Rhin ps. Could you please close topic as sorted
  2. ah - I see ok I forgot to give full permission with NoScript - I see, thank you I will create a ticket now, all the best - Rhin
  3. Thanks for the reply, however I have tried this but I cannot do this as I am not registered with My Account and the only 3 options on the page is Chat with us [closed] Forums & My Account which I have never registered for. If I register this with my new email address which is not the one I originally registered with with all my details, will it accept it OK or because the original purchase was with the very old email address will it come back stating my details are already taken by someone else, apologies for being a pain as I just want to be certain. Thanks - Rhin
  4. Hi there, No I got rid of that about 4 years ago, I tried to post another to state this however it came back saying it was spam! I have a totally different email address now Rhin
  5. Hi there, First time Topic - so be gentle please. I bought my ONE MACHINE MB 5th June 2011 [through Cleverbridge, Electronic download - I still have the Clleverbridge ref Number and original ID Number & Licence number], I have never had to contact support for everything as MB has always worked and I have never had any problems what so ever, more than happy. I just read the forums every few days and catch up, never had a need to comment. Obviously my MB has always just upgraded from I believe version 1.7 or something like that and the Lifeline Licence works each time. My query is that I have never registered the 'My Account' thing as I said it just works. Having read the recent topics regarding Lifetime Licences and deactivation, I am very wary in upgrading to 3.8 in case. So I would rather be prepared on what to do in case. When I click the 'My account' page it fills in my VERY old email address already and if I registered I do not remember the password. All I am asking is how to proceed in case something happens when I upgrade to the newest version, do I need to register for My Account to start a support ticket [if my licence goes wrong for some reason]? I apologise if I have not made myself very clear, all the very best. Rhin
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