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  1. Thanks, we'll check it out. Maybe just delete or maybe it's a false positive.
  2. Can someone find out why downloads.globalmarinenet.com is blocked? I mean a specific URL and what Trojan is detected? The site is run by my business partner and I can get things sorted out at his end if I know exactly what is wrong. Thanks.
  3. Maybe it's time to whitelist it... seriously...
  4. Site is back to being blocked. Please again unblocked or provide evidence of an actual thread.
  5. I'm not seeing the block anymore. But why not make the product more reliable? Seems like a lot of false positives.
  6. I'm seeing the block in Firefox with the Browser Guard addon, how do I export a protection log? I had a look around the block page and the addon drop down and didn't see anything like that.
  7. My website has been blocked again: "Website blocked due to trojan". memecode.com Can some one please either provide some hard evidence as to where the "trojan" is -or- unblock the site?
  8. It's working for me now. But I don't hold much hope for it staying that way.
  9. Now the block is back again. What the hell guys?
  10. Ok the block seems to be removed now. However I'd still like to know why the block was even applied in the first place?
  11. As the original thread has been closed I'm starting a new one. The one reply states that it's being reviewed. But no change in state has been observed and no further reply given. Memecode.com is still blocked for me when using the Firefox browser plugin. The message is "Website blocked due to reputation". As the owner of the website this is of concern to me. What "reputation" are you talking about? There is zero spyware in my software. No known security vulnerabilities in the site or the downloadable software. No known Trojans or malware (to me at least). No spam in the forums... I really have no clue what the issue is. What's the deal malwarebytes? And please don't just "look into it" and then close the topic. A real answer this time.
  12. One of my users is reporting that my website 'memecode.com' is being blocked by malware bytes on the basis that it contains trojan software. As far as I'm aware it does not. There are no ad platforms attached to the site. Could someone from malwarebytes find out what the reason for the block is? It it a particular file? Regards Matt
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