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  1. Hey Maurice Thank you for your assistance. This seems to have now been resolved. Again, thank you. Cheers
  2. Hey Maurice ran Malwarebytes and got the same 69 items. Followed the procedure again and attached the reports. Cheers ElPerroLoco AdwCleaner[S02]Notepad.txt Maalwarebytesreport after ADWcleanerS02.txt
  3. Hey Maurice Not trying to confuse you - I read your e-mail and click on the "Go to this Post" So if you don't want me to go to that post don't put it in the e-mail. Now I think I have done what you have asked. File attached. Cheers AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  4. Hey Murice Think I've doen as requested. Cheers ElPerroLoco mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hey Maurice I have been having this problem for 8 days and it was with the last windows update - coincidence? I run M a.ware, Quarantine and Delete then reboot the PC. Start up and run Malware and get the exact same 69 items which I treat the exact same way. HELP Thanks ElPerroLoco
  6. Thank you Biscuitz13. Great info. I've had the problem about 8 days and I'm not smart enough to go back a windows version. I'll see if there is an update for Windows can load. Really disappointed with the Help offered - especially for Premium i.e. paying customers. Cheers and good luck.
  7. Well I'm just an old guy who pays the premium and by the look of your details you are way way ahead of my in the technical field. I just want to be able to export the file to the Help Desk / Support Desk / Someone so they can tell me step by step how to get rid of these items. Not a genius with technology. Starting to question why I pay and not just use the free version. Good luck and I will follow your post wishing you a fix and maybe some details so that I can also get a fix. Cheers
  8. Biscuitz13 I have the same problem. On hols and someone at home used my PC for?? Anyway I run Malware every day and it now comes up with 69 items identified. I Quarantine them and then delete them. I reboot the PC. I run Malware again and Guess what - I again have 69 Items that I again g through the same process of quarantining and deleting. Then I do it again and Guess what ...... you've got the idea .... it's and endless loop!!! This is the Premium - not the free version. Just what have paid for?
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