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  1. Thanx a lot, I submitted a ticket with the zip file I attached here. If nothing happens, I will buy another and see that I will activate it through my mbam account Thanx again!
  2. You mean submit a ticket? I will do right now, I cannot chat , I get an error. Thanx for the advice!
  3. Hello and good morning. There are no old devices of mine, there is one ID and key I bought from a reseller. If this was a scam, I do not know but it worked for about 1 year without problems, and it deactivated itself after the last upgrade. As he stated this licence was for 1 and only computer but, I suspect, he used it till it deactivates after an upgrade, and he vanished into thin air (I cannot contact him now). And yes , that's the message but I cannot deactivate anything. When I try to put this on my account I get this error : That means that the key IS legit, but he sold it more than one times and got that problem. I couldn't know that I have to register the key through my account. I cannot find it anywhere on my subscriptions, it is surely registered with an other email (not mine) If I log out from my account, I see another email to enter as I said. Which is tottally wrong because I feel I am being scammed. If that's the case, I understand it's not Mbam's fault, but tottally mine... I will buy another key as it seems cos for providing receit for opening a ticket, it needs a purchase from Mbam site itself. There are some other resellers who seem to pay attention to "1 PC per key" for what they sell. I am being sceptical though... Had bought a 1-year 3-PC key from a reseller, which worked fine after updates, for a price that was at least 4 times lower than MBAM webpage. Can you suggest anything else to recover this one or it is vanished for good? Thanx for taking the time to read my gibberish
  4. Hello. I have bought a licence with an ID included, and it is deactivated, for the second time, after upgrading. Now, I've followed some steps with the support tool, but it says "deactivate other devices first". This is not what I would like to see, as I have bought the licence and there are no other devices from my end that have an activated licence. If I click this message, it sends me to the mbam page with a strange e-mail which I can provide, if needed. I will also include a file from repair, attached in the next post.
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