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  1. Eset found and cleaned 3 files. Should I just wipe my PC at this point? eset scan.txt
  2. Microsoft Malicious software removal tool ran a full scan and returned a clean report. I'll run the ESET scan now and get back with results.
  3. Alrighty, I'm back. Firstly, this may sound silly but there is an actual problem? Can you see from the logs I've posted that something is eating my CPU and I'm not just paranoid? Without Task Manager open, the CPU seems to max out still so the problem still persists. System restore is now on and I can't download the Microsoft Safety Scanner. The download constantly fails. I've tried both Firefox and Edge but it won't work? Attached is screenshots of task manager ~1-2 seconds after opening before it begins to run normally again. I've also run Malwarebytes scans and Ad
  4. 1. I ran 2 different scans with Norton, first a Power Eraser rootkit scan which detected 5 threats (although two were from FRST) and repaired the other 3. Then I ran a full systen standard scan, the logs for that are attached but the power eraser is in html. 2. Removed previous Adwcleaner and downloaded/installed from link as per your instructions. Ran the scan, it found nothing. I have attached the most recent Clean log, there are 3 clean logs in total from the past few weeks while trying to sort this on my own. Would the other 2 help? norton full scan.txt AdwCleaner[C02].t
  5. HI Maurice, Installed the cleanup tool and the new version. Threat scan (including rootkits) returned no threats... mwb new scan.txt
  6. Hi, I seem to be having similar problems to a few others that describe malware/mining programs that hide when you run anit-virus scans or open task manager. CPU often maxes to100% unless task manager is open - I find keeping it open in the background is the only way use my PC smoothly. I've tried to follow the steps for others and attached the logs required? cheers, Eli AdwCleaner[S05].txt Threat scan log.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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