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  1. 20+GB fills up in a couple of hours with out saving any new files?
  2. I check for updates, and as expected my computer is up to date. actually for the past couple of days another strange thing started thing happening, on my c drive i had at least 20-30 GB of free space, and i have been getting notifications of low space. i have delete many files that weren't in use and freed up around 5 GBs. and after an hour or two the HDD was full again. i tired to use the windows clean up , it said it can clean 20+ GBs of temp files for windows update. i let it run, and only freed up about 1 GB. i guess its some Maleware running on my PC under the trusted installer
  3. Hi, i couldn't find anything helpful. the interesting this is that it say my computer is getting more stable, but frankly last week the computer was freezing up a lot. and there is not info about it there...
  4. Good moringing. please see attached txt file, i'm not sure i did it correctly. TrustedInstaller.exe.txt
  5. Hay, its doing much better. The process is still working with relatively high usage of memory, with just over 300,000k but no delays. Thanks alot
  6. Hi, i ran it, now its only 422,000k. please see attached log. Thanks Gil Fixlog.txt
  7. Thanks for uoir reply, i have ran the fix, but still the trusted installer runs at 500,000K please see the attached log thanks Gil Fixlog.txt
  8. Thanks for your super fast reply reply. 1.I have malwarebytes 3.83 premium 2.done, please see attached log 3.done, please see attached log waiting for your news Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes 1042.txt
  9. Hi, lately my computer has slowed down very much, after looking around in my hard drive I’ve noticed that some weird folders have been created with 10 different files inside. Non are my files. I deleted them and they return quickly. I opened the task manager and under processes from all users I’ve seen the process with the highest memory use around 500,000k - trusted installer. I ended the process and it comes right back up. i scanned the computer with malewarebytes and it found a pum.optional.nodrives , located in the registry .i quarantined the infection, but it returns. What should I do?
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