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  1. As i see there got one folder called Quarantine. What is the data in the Quarantine folder? Is there a way to open to view?
  2. Hi, how i can check and know what was removed or quarantine by malwarebytes?
  3. How to backup installed software? I have an external HDD to do backup.
  4. But how I can backup my Google Chrome bookmarks, system environment like before?
  5. It seem like problems not fix. Refer to first image below successful rename the SYSTEM.OEM file and copy new SYSTEM file to the directory. After reboot same BSOD and I open CMD second image, I notice the file size same as original SYSTEM.OEM
  6. Hi Ron, overwrite one file only SYSTEM hive or overwrite all the files in folder hives to C:\Windows\System32\config ? Using CMD to overwrite or using FSRM fixlist.txt?
  7. Hi, just now I run FSRT program on another laptop there. So I can copy the hives files from here to another system that won't boot? Izit will have issues when run new version files from C:\FSRM\hives?
  8. Wonder to know if all malwarebyte quarantine item that is under this folder which is save in .json file? Coz I see another folder that is name as Quarantine too. C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\ScanResults
  9. Actually I may try using data recovery software to recover all missing files that in quarantine. Manually put the files to correct file path or location. Is this the last option that can save my system?
  10. This is the only BSOD screen after that reboot automatically stop at Automatic Repair screen. I can't go into Safe Mode too. Yes I have another PC is running Windows 10.
  11. This file I open under malwarebytes\Scanfile folder, it is showing some of system regKey was quarantine. How the regKey i can found it back anywhere?
  12. Hi, its still remain the same issues. The Hives files is look like identical files in my C:\Windows\System32\config
  13. No im not taking the step to reset windows. If then System environment, installed software, browser bookmarks everythings will lose.
  14. Thank you for helping me, i need my windows system back to working as its my workstation.
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