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  1. Well, just fired her up for the first time today, and no pop-ups...I mean annoying notifications. Problem solved, I do believe! Yea.
  2. Ah-ha! Learn something new every day. I found it under Notifications and clicked on "Remove." Won't know for another hour or so if that solves the whole problem, but I'm hopeful. Thanks for your patience through all of this. You've been great to work with. Michele
  3. They always come in threes. I click "close" and they go away for about an hour.
  4. I think I have screenshot figured out now. But we have to wait for the doggone thing to pop up--usually happens once per hour, but there's no telling, really. Addition July19.txt FRST July19.txt
  5. It did not. Even with sync supposedly reset, and currently off, qpdownloader (which is a "dot com" BTW) still popped up about 30 minutes later.
  6. Okay, I'll try again here. And qpdownloader is still there, by the way. So if that was supposed to fix it, well, it didn't. 18.07.2019_19.26.35.zip Fixlog.txt
  7. Well, okay, I'll try it. I hope this is the right thing. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Hello Ron, Windows Defender wouldn't let me do Step 3. However, here are the Step 1 & 2 results. AdwCleaner[C00]--1st cleaning.txt AdwCleaner[C03].txt MWB3 scan 7-18.txt
  9. I don't know how to submit a file or sample, but while I was looking for game downloads on July 6th my laptop got infected by qpdownload. Some of the sites it leads you to are ransomeware and other badness. I deleted the two games I tried to download that day--no effect. Neither Malwarebytes nor Sophos would detect qpdownload as a threat. It is obviously an adware PUP, so I tried Adwcleaner. It found 18 threats that Malwarebytes and Sophos didn't, but not qpdownload, or at least not all of it. QP pops up less often now (usually about once an hour) but it's still there. Please have your experts look into this adware and devise a fix for the next update. Thanks, Michele Meikle
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