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  1. Hello once again progress! - Prior to my original post, I had downloaded the malwarebytes support tool. I was disappointed that this program also acted in the same way that MB3 did - that is it got part way, and suddenly announced it was installed and I was asked to restart . The progress scale had barely moved and was nowhere near completion. I got called away and just left my PC as it was. Some 2 hours later I returned to find that the progress scale indicated that full installation had now in fact been completed. I restarted and this time MB3 had been installed! Bit of a mystery I think, but a good outcome. Thanks to all who contributed their thoughts and guidance - much appreciated Polonut
  2. Hi everyone my first post here - although I have used Malwarebytes for many years (3 out of four of my PC's/laptops have malwarebytes in use with no problems) On the remaining machine, I can download MB - go to install - confirm, and following confirmation of 'English' up comes the installation progress windows. The progress scale shows no sign of movement/activity and after a very short while up comes the message installation completed - restart your computer. This I do, BUT, there is no evidence of any malwarebytes folder or any file details anywhere on my PC. Your help and suggestions would be appreciated, I do miss this program Thanks in advance Polonut
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