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  1. A stickied and closed post states, "Detections by our anomaly detection engine are identified as 'anomalous' files, not as 'malware'." Not true. Malwarebytes free 3.5.1 just did a scan of my PC and identified two files as Threat Type Malware: LinkBook 32-bit ODBC Driver.zip is part of LinkBook ODBC Driver for QuickBooks, which I downloaded last April (https://www.hcit.co.uk/LinkBook/) while searching for tools to interface with a long-obsolete version of QuickBooks that I still use. It turned out not to be compatible with Windows 7 (it's from the XP era), but as far as I know, it's not malware. Neither MS nor Avast flags either of these two files when I single them out for scanning. MalwareBytesFalsePositive2019-07-17.zip LinkBook 32-bit ODBC driver.zip
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