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  1. Hi Maurice, Very sorry for delay but traveling overseas with limited access. The machine was reimaged so capturing new logs wouldn't be relevant. Thank you for your assistance but I will not be able to troubleshoot this further.
  2. I ran the clean-up tool and reinstalled Malwarebytes. I ran a scan of the machine and found no infections. I've forwarded you the output as well as fresh log output.
  3. Hi Maurice, Thanks for the reply. I've very new to the process, but is there a way to upload the files directly to you rather than to the open forum?
  4. Thanks for your assistance Maurice. I was in the process of running the FRSFRST.txt T app. Attached is the output. Addition.txt
  5. Hello, I recently suspected an infection on my machine and attempted to run Malwarebytes, however the program does not start. I've also tried uninstalling but the uninstaller hangs. I've run the mb-clean exe and was able to install and run Malwarebytes again. The scan found a couple of instances of Trojan.Siredef.C in the recycle bin. Once quarantined, a reboot was necessary, and not Malwarebytes is no longer operating. Where do I go from here? Thanks very much
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