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  1. I just sent you the informaiton @knguyen1. Also, the process within Sage I was working with yesterday, is currently working as expected. However, when i try to do another process within Sage it is slow still. thanks,
  2. We just started using Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection. I have created folder path exceptions of \\appserver\sage300\ and \\appserver\sage300data\. Still when we try to run anything in the Sage 300 program, it is delayed. We had the Teams version prior and when I created the same exceptions, Sage 300 worked properly. Any advice as to what i can do to make the MBEP work alongside Sage 300?
  3. We recently moved to the Malwarebytes endpoint security product. With the move from the Premium product to the endpoint, our accounting software is going slow. This happened with the Premium and i made an exception and it work fine. I have entered the same exception in the web portal, but it seems the exception is not making it to the endpoint. As there is not a change in the speed of accounting software. Is there a way to verify from the endpoint machine which exceptions it is using?
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