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  1. I'm the developer of https://github.com/tim241/BetterMajorasMaskInstaller , it's an opensource tool which installs & configures certain things for a project(MM HD), users have reported that malwarebytes doesn't detect it when downloading the executable, however malwarebytes kills the process once they try to run it. (attached image is what malwarebytes says when they try to run it). I've tried running a virustotal scan but malwarebytes doesn't detect it https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1915f939c3a49f2e11f06dc81b9bf926a508a70f5b0dc357a145576c480ab7f4/detection source of virustotal scanned executable: https://github.com/tim241/BetterMajorasMaskInstaller/releases I hope this issue will be resolved, Thanks, Tim
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