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  1. Ok, got it. Glad that there is no malware. I will see what I can do about start-up apps, didn't even think of that. Thanks for your help
  2. The log is on Spanish, I will send you the one on English. threatscanlog.txt
  3. I ran the scan on Malwarebytes 3.8.3 and it didn't detect nothing. I will send you the log. threatscanlog.txt
  4. I've run everything and I still see 50% of CPU usage which then drops, but it actually went down a little bit. Here is the fixlog file. Fixlog.txt
  5. Ok, I've done what you told me, here is the logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hi. So, I've been noticing that when I open Task Manager, my CPU is about 75% and in a matter of seconds it drops down to 20, 10%. Tried also using Process Hacker 2 but everything seems fine. This seems a little bit weird since nothing of this has passed on my past experiences using this computer. I've ran Malwarebytes with rootkit scans and within files options enabled and found some PUP's that I proceeded to remove along with an ADWCleaner scan that also found some PUP's that I also removed. I also used Bitdefender but seems that it won't detect nothing and that my PC is fine. I would like some assistance on this problem as I'm kinda new to this. Help is appreciated (by the way, sorry if I've made mistakes, English is not my native lenguage.)
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