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  1. Thanks for posting. Old email is deleted because I was using a webmaster email where the server no longer exists. So, I don't have the password to my MB account and there is no way to reset it/get a reminder because no access to old email. Its a real dead end with old account and email. I have made a new account on MB and just waiting from support to transfer ownership of my licence to new account. To make things easier for them, I also submitted original invoice as proof of licence ownership.
  2. Well, the old PCs are not owned by me anymore. You can imagine that since 2013 I don't have them still. I was always under the impression that the licence was automatically transferred to the latest PC installed. Thanks for your reply. Thanks.
  3. OK, so I had a lifetime licence and with the update I got the message that product was installed on too many PCs. THIS IS NOT THE ISSUE HERE. The issue is that I don't have access to Myaccount because the old email that had the licence doesn't exist anymore and my licence needs to be transferred to my new email so that I can de-activate old PC(s) and re-activate licence on my new PC. I do not understand why this is so difficult to be done SINCE I have also submitted the original invoice from 2013. My ticket is frozen since July 11th and the trial product (since I cannot activate my licence) expires in 6 days. Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2654781.
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